Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thinking about a major hair change.

I have been growing my hair out for a little over two years now.  In that two years I have only had my hair trimmed once with only about an inch taken off. Since I started cosmetology school I have had a lot of color done to my hair...including some lighting as well. Because of that my hair is pretty damaged and although I am extremely attached to my long hair, it has become very difficult to care for and to make look nice due to all the damage and chemical breakage I have. So I have been contemplating getting it cut short. I have had lots of short styles before and used to love having short hair.

This is what my hair looks like after professional product and an hour or more of styling. (blow-drying straight and then flat ironing.) Note the frizzyness in the front....Thats chemical breakage!

Anyway my hair has become a lot of work and with the twins being much more demanding as toddlers I would like for my hair to look nice without having to spend hours on it because I don't really have the time for that anymore. I have been looking through some pictures online and have found a few styles I love...I really want to try something I haven't done before but I am unsure as to how well they would look on me personally so I would like your honest opinions please.

1. I really like this asymmetrical cut...but I think I would want it about chin length. I think that the bangs would also cover the breakage that I have in the front, until it grows out.

2. I really like the length of this cut and the texture it has as well. Again the bangs would work well to conceal the damage I have in the front and it is a very playful style.

3. I love this style It's edgy and modern. I have never had my hair this short and I am unsure if I could pull this look off but it is something I would love to try.
So let me know which one you think I should get. I would really appreciate your input because this is a big decision for me.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Simple Wallet Clutch

It took me about an hour to make this cute wallet Clutch. I added a bird  applique and a ribbon trim.
On the inside there are six card slots and a large pouch for money, keys, chapstick, cell phone...what every you need.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hey Crafty ladies, This is just going to be an update. I haven't posted any tutorials lately because I have been mainly focusing on my new Etsy shop. I have been trying to build up an inventory and have been playing around with ideas. So far things are going well with my shop.  I have only made one sell so far but that is better than none. I am not really trying to make a lot of money, just a little extra to help support my crafty hobby is my goal. So you may have noticed that I have yet again changed my banner and I have also changed the name of my Etsy shop. While my blog is still The Crafty Owl, My Etsy shop is now named Adwin Ryvers. (which is the middle names of my twins) I felt that I needed to change the name because the direction my shop is going in. I am not primarily focused on owls, while I love owls and they are rather popular right now, I know that they will eventually go out of style and while I am sure I will keep my owl collection going strong, I also want my shop to be a place for all the creative things I make, not just owls. So I hope you like the new name, and the new banner that I made. I also recently changed up my kitchen and would like to share the pictures with you.

This is where the fridge used to be. I moved it to the back of the kitchen and now it is much more spacious and has a defined dinning area. I made the pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling. I had an old lamp that broke so I took the shade and attached some chain to it and hung it from the ceiling with a lantern light cord. It works well and I love the softer lighting it provides.

I have been saving all the jars I get from the grocery store as well as all my wine corks. You can never have to many, and well if you do you can always recycle them. All I did was gather branches from the yard and I made felt rose buds and hot glued them right to the branches. It is a great center piece and very inexpensive. I think this would be a great and inexpensive wedding decor as well. When I eventually get married I will probably use this Idea.

Finally I hung a few pictures on the wall, These are ones that I made myself from scrapbook paper and I am also selling them in my shop. I love these vintage kitchen Inspired ones. Please visit my shop.  for lots of other scrapbook art, and handmade bags. There is a link on the top right side of this blog.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grand Opening Of My Etsy shop!

The Crafty Owl on Is now open! Go check it out.....The Crafty Owl
Get a 10% discount on your first purchase, Message me for a custom priced listing! Offer Valid until March 16th 2011.

Also I am willing to do custom orders, If you have an idea or want something in a different color please do not hesitate to ask me.

I am loving this bag! I made one for myself and It is so awesome! I will be making some more like this one when I get new fabric.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsy Preview

I made this today, I think it came out cute! I will be making more in other fabrics and colors to sell on Etsy, As well as some of my owl pillows. Just wanted to give everyone a little preview. My Etsy shop is not open yet but I am planing on having it up and running within a few weeks from now. I am also getting ready for a craft fair in April.
 Let me know what you think of this bag! I am eager for feedback, Would you buy it and why or why not?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Quilt

My old spread was starting to get dingy and it had a tear in the fabric. Actually it was a duvet cover with a comforter insert and it stated to be a hassle because the insert would always get bunched up in the duvet cover and I was constantly having to re adjust it. I was going to just by a new bed spread but while I was looking nothing was jumping out at me. Everything looked so commercial. It seems that the better I get at sewing the less I like store bought items. Sewing is such a relaxing hobby and I really enjoy it. I love having a "Handmade Home" This was my first attempt at making a quilt. I didn't know what I was in for so I choose a very simple pattern. Now I am thanking myself for not getting to ambitions. I had a few bumps in the road but over all I am very pleased at how it came out. I also made some matching pillow cases. I have slept with it a couple of night now and it is so warm and cozy. There is something very comforting in curling up at night with something that was hand made!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello Goodbye

 Hello There

After spending a about 4 to 5 hours over the course of two days washing, folding, pressing, measuring, and cutting out all the pieces of fabric that are going to be making up my very first quilt. I was so excited to start sewing them all together. Alas in the process of  sewing my machine decided it had had enough. It had been acting a little funny for a few weeks and I assumed that it was in need of a tune up. Of course I put it off and decided it was still okay to use. Which was a bad call on my part because now the gears are sticking so bad it is impossible to sew with. I called a local repair shop and got some information from them on the cost of a tune up/repair if anything was broken or needed replacing. Just for a tune up alone...thats if nothing else needs repair it would cost 60$. Personally I could not see paying over half the cost of the sewing machine just for a tune up. Maybe I am just being silly or maybe It's just that I have been wanting a better sewing machine...but I opted to purchase a new one. So If there is anyone interested in learning how to sew but your not sure if you what to spend a lot of money on a machine you might not end up using very often. Then mine is up for grabs. Obviously you would have to pay for the tune up...who knows you may be able to find a place who will do it for less than 60$. Just putting it out there for any of my friends who may be interested in giving it a new home.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decorative Owl Pillow

This was a simple project, I like the way it came out and I plan on making some more for my upcoming Etsy shop. This one I made for Sarah. She was one of my five craft it forward people. She requested something owl themed. This is what I came up with. I am glad she made an owl request because I love making owls!

Here is a closer look at the stitching.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flower Pom Pom Hair clips

You Will Need:

A pattern in the shape of a flower
Organza fabric
coordinating embroidery floss
1/2 inch thick ribbon
hair barrettes

hot glue

Step One: Make you flower pattern. I used a CD to make the outside circle (see picture below). Cut out your pattern. Fold your fabric over in order to get 10-12 layers. Pin the patter to the folded layers of fabric and cut around your pattern.

Step Two: Cover your barrette with the ribbon using hot glue. Thread your needle with your embroidery floss. Take each individual organza flower and fold it in half three times. Run the needle through the bottom of the folded flower. Continue with the rest of the flowers alternating to the left, center, and right.

Step Three: Once you have all the flowers on pull the needle and thread all the way through and pull tight. Run back through the opposite direction. Then sew to your barrette.

Since this clip looks like a messy flower It looks great with a messy hair style. Try a low messy side bun. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cute and Simple Tote Bag

I have been wanting to make a new bag, something cute and simple that I can toss stuff in and go to the store, to social gatherings, the beach, practically anywhere. My purse usually doubles as my diaper bag because it is to much of a hassle to carry around two separate bags. I love the way this bag turned out and I whipped it up in hardly no time at all.

All you need to make this bag is fabric, thread, a sewing machine, scissors and an iron.

Step one: Press your fabric and cut out all your pieces. This bag was totally free handed I had no pattern I just cut the fabric a little bigger than I wanted the bag to be (In the shape of a rectangle, same for the liner). Cut long strips for the ruffles and a strip for the strap.

Step two: Take the front side of the bag and divide it into three equal sections and cut. Then make your ruffles. (Tip. Set the tension on your machine to the highest setting and the longest stitch setting.) This will ruffle the fabric for you, and save a lot of time.

Step three: Pin the ruffle to the inside of two of your front panels and sew. Repeat on the other side. Then line up the front side and the back side together fold in half and cut off the bottom corners in a curve. With right sides together pin and sew. (I added pleats to the front and back of the bag to make it a little more narrow at the top.) Turn your bag right side out and press your pleats and seams on the bag. Lay the bag on top of your liner fabric. Cut the liner fabric to the new shape of the bag. With right sides together hem the liner fabric and insert into the bag.

Step four: Make your strap. Fold the outside and the liner fabric to the inside of the bag and pin going all the way around and inserting the strap on each end. Sew all the way around and you are done.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring in the new year with some cute ear wamers.

The cutest way to warm your ears this season!

I recently came across this new craft blog called Prudent Baby and found the tutorial for this ear warmer there. I love her blog! She has given me a lot of cute ideas and inspirations. So go check it out.