Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adorable Owl Banner

I made a post a while back on the birdie mobile I made for the twins. If you can't already guess the theme in their nursery...well it's Owls of course. So I have been wanting to make them a second mobile but I wasn't sure if it would be weird to have two. So earlier today I was just browsing on etsy and looking at owl stuff like I often do and I came across these adorable owl banners. I already had everything I needed to make one. So naturally I couldn't help myself.

You will need:

To make a pattern that looks like this

Various fabrics
ribbon with a thin width
ribbon with a thick width (I went through nearly a whole spool)
White, black and orange/yellow felt
straight pins
needles and thread
sewing machine
hot glue gun with glue sticks

Step One With your pattern you will need to cut a total of 14 body pieces, 14 eye pieces, 14 pupil pieces, 7 beak pieces. Also cut the thin ribbon in 7 equal 8inch pieces. You are also going to need to cut two pieces of the think ribbon of equal length approximately 7 feet long.

Step Two Okay now that you have all your pieces cut out you are going to take the body pieces of each owl and face the right sides in so that the wrong sides are facing out. Place one of the thin ribbons you cut between the fabric so that there is about a quarter inch is sticking out of the top side and the rest sticks out the bottom. Pin at the top. Continue doing this with all the owls.

Step Three Now you can sew around the edges of the owl leaving a opening in the bottom for turning and stuffing. Be sure to sew through the ribbon at the top and very careful to not sew it to the bottom side. The ribbon on the bottom is hanging out here the opening should be. Once you have them all sewed turn them right side out. This is usually when you would stuff and sew closed but it's easier to do that later.

Step Four Take the two long strips of the thicker ribbon and line them up with each other. Find the middle and mark it with a pin. Then measure approximately 10 inches out from the middle on each side and mark with pins. Continue to measure 10 inches from each mark until you have 7 evenly spaced marks. Now take each of the thin ribbons that have the owls attached and place them and pin them between the two thick ribbons where the marks are in the order you like. It's okay if some of the ribbon sticks out of the top you can trim that later so make sure that the hanging length of the owls are all equal.

Step Five Back to the sewing machine. Now you can top stitch along the edges of the thick ribbon. Stop stitching once you stitch slightly past the last owl on each end. You are going to want to leave at least one foot on each side of the banner un-stitched so that you can tie to things or make bow if you want.

Step Six Now you can stuff and hand stitch the opening closed. Use the hot glue gun to glue on the eyes and beak. Now you can hang and admire! It's so adorable hanging above my baby's crib.

Cute Owl Plushies!

So a friend of mine sent me a picture of these really cute little owl plushies that someone was making and selling on Etsy.com for around $70. Yikes! I couldn't believe that people would pay that much for something that looked so simple to make! So after examining the picture of these cute little owls...and a girls craft night coming up I headed out to the fabric store and got everything I needed to make them. I must say they don't look exactly like the ones on Etsy because I had to make my own pattern for them. (which was simple but obviously not exact to the Etsy owls.) Also I notice that the way I ended up gathering the owls middle is not the way that the Etsy owls were gathered. That part is still a mystery to me and I am now compelled to experiment with it until I figure it out. (I will let you guys know if I figure it out) However they still ended up being very cute perched on my bookshelf.

Here is what you will need!

A pattern (you will have to make one. A good tip is to fold your paper in half and draw one side of the pattern piece and cut then unfold, this will make it symmetrical.

Fabric (I used 3 different fabrics in each owl.)
Some Felt (I used gray for the eyes and red for the heart.)
Embroidery floss (I would suggest orange or yellow for the beak and colors that coordinate with or accent your choice of fabric.)
Embroidery needles
Straight pins
Buttons for the eyes
Stuffing (I used poly-fil)
sewing machine (optional)

Step One Start by pinning your pattern pieces to the fabric. (body=1st fabric; belly=2nd fabric; wings and bow=3rd fabric)
The eye circles are cut from the felt as well as the heart for the girl owl. Once you have all your pieces cut out you are going to arrange the felt eyes and the belly on the body where you like it and pin down. With your embroidery floss stitch them down. Now you are going to want to stitch on the buttons and the beak. (for the girl owl add eyelashes and the felt heart.)

Step Two Now you can pin the two body pieces together right sides facing each other so that the wrong sides are facing out. You can stitch it together by hand or use your machine. You need to leave an opening on both the top of the owls head and the bottom of the owls body for turning and stuffing. You are also going to want to leave little gaps on each side of the neck so you can do a gathering stitch. Here is a picture to help show what I mean.

Step Three Turn right side out. Add your gathering stitch and gather. Now you can stuff and stitch the openings closed. Now you can add the finishing touches. I decided to make stitches with the embroidery floss around the wings and the bows. I thought it looked cuter. Stitch the wings to the body then give the boy owl a bow tie and the girl a hair bow.

These were really fun to make! I had never used embroidery floss before and I really enjoyed working with it. I'm going to have to use it more often. Maybe I will teach myself to cross stitch! I made both of these owls for under $20 and I have enough of the materials left over to do quite a few more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clothing Adjustments

So I bought this dress at Marshall's a few summers ago. I thought it was really cute and it was on sale! Unfortunately it has been sitting in the back of my closet for a while now because when I bought it I didn't realize how easily you could see my nickers through the thin fabric. I pulled it out the other day and thought that maybe if I made it into a shirt by shortening it I would not feel uncomfortable wearing it. So I trimmed up the bottom to the length that I wanted and re hemmed it. After I put it on I realized that there was another issue I had with it! Since having my twins my boobs have gotten a little bigger....It was too low cut for my taste! So I took the fabric that I trimmed off the bottom and used it to make rows of pleats and then I sewed it to the top to raise the neck line! So now I have this really awesome top that I will wear all the time! I know that this isn't really a how to but I just wanted to show off my alterations because I am so pleased how it came out! Plus I thought that if might encourage someone else to dig through their closet and find the things they don't wear, figure out why and then attempt to change the issues you have with it. You might surprise yourself!

Felt flower accessory

So one of my Awesome crafty friends sent me a link to this Felt flower tutorial because I had been doing various Scrap fabric flowers. It is a really awesome easy to follow tutorial.

Here is the URL

There is even a free pattern for the flower that you can print off!

Personally I thought that the Barrett was a bit kiddy looking. So I decided to add my flowers to a head band. Hot glue works really well. I also added some pretty feathers to make it more dressy looking. But you don't have to. Another Idea I had which I might try is adding little green felt leaves to the flowers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabric Scrap Flower 2

Same idea different way to do it. Still very simple...Actually this flower in my opinion is a little more simple.

You will need

Scrap fabric
flower pattern (It will be very simple to draw your own) I got the pattern a long time ago off of burdastyle.com but it has since then been deleted off the site. Still an awesome pattern site you should check out when you get a chance. Here is the picture of the pattern though.

needle and thread
a button
a clip or pin or headband...ect

Step One Start by tracing out your pattern onto your fabric. You will want a total of 2 of the large flowers and 4 of the small flowers. Then cut out all the flowers. You can cut where the dotted lines are on the petals this will make your flower flutter. However you do not have to. Personally I prefer to leave the bigger size flowers un-cut where the dotted lines are and to cut the dotted lines on the smaller ones.


Step Two Take the two larger flowers and stack them one on top of the other. Then take the four smaller ones and fold each of them in half. You are going to want to layer them going in a circle. The best way I can think to describe it is that it should look like a cardboard box when you have it folded shut. I hope that makes sense I tried to change the coloring of the example picture so you can see how I layered it better.

Step Three Now you are going to want to sew the smaller flowers to the bigger flowers. Once you are done sewing them all down you can add the button to the middle and then your clip/pin/headband...ect. and that's it your done.

Fabric scrap flower 1

This is easy enough for just about anyone to do. Also a cute way to transform your fabric scraps that are just laying around.

You will need.

Scrap fabric
needle and tread
a button
a clip or pin to make the flower an accessory.

Step one Start by cutting out six or more 2"x2" squares. You can make them bigger or smaller depending on your preference. Each square will equal one petal so you can cut as many squares as you want petals. But I used 6 squares for this example.

Step Two Now you need to fold the square into a triangle. Then take the two corners and fold them up to the third corner to form a diamond shape. Flip it over and fold the two opposite corners of the diamond to the middle then fold it in half. See pictures below.

Step Three Take the threaded needle and pass it through the folded petal so that it catches all the folds in the center. I folded one petal at a time and added them to the needle as I went so that they would not unfold themselves.

Step Four Once you have all the petals on the needle you can trim the edges. This will help to form the flower better. Pass the needle all the way through all of the petals and tie a knot to hold them together. Don't tie it too tight because then you will not be able to space the petals evenly but don't tie to loose either because then the flower will be to floppy. Space out the petals and open them up. This might take a little practice but its worth it trust me you can do so much with these little flowers.

Step Five Once you have the flower looking the way you like you can sew the button on in the middle for a finished look. Also add a clip so you can wear it in your hair. Or a pin to wear it as a brooch. You can also add it to a head band or basically anything you want to decorate throw pillow, picture frames your options are endless. So get creative and I hope you Enjoy! Don't let those scraps go to waste. I will have more scrap projects to come!