Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spice up a boring table

This project is super easy anyone can do this and the effect is pretty neat! I got the idea from The Big Ass Book of Home Decor. You should check it out it is pretty Rad-tastic!

You will need:

A Table, A dresser, A desk...basically any piece of furniture your tired of looking at but don't want to get rid of.
Ribbon, rope, string, or twine. (I used ribbon.)
A can of spray paint color of your choice.
A plastic tarp.

Step One Wrap your table with the ribbon. I personally cut the ribbon down to size and used painters tape to hold it in place. This way you will use less ribbon and I'm all about conserving. However you could wrap it all the way around if you want. I did mine going in random directions. However you could do it a few different ways. You could do straight lines. Going in one direction. You could do straight lines going in both directions to form squares. You could make uneven or even squares. You could also try to do a pattern. Use your imagination, play around with it see what you like best before committing to it.

Step Two Once you have your piece of furniture wrapped the way you like lay down your tarp place the table on it and spray paint. I used white spray paint because I like black and white. At first I was going to do a couple of layers of paint but after the first one I really liked how you could still see the black wood coming through in certain spots. I thought it made it look kind of Shabby Chic. So I decided to leave it.

Step Three After the table is completely dry take off the ribbon. Its important that you wait for it to dry completely...If you don't it could smear. That is it your done!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here Is another example of my hand painted glassware how to. I really liked how this one came out and wanted to show it off. If you like owls as much as I do please stayed tuned because my next project will also involve owls and a set of dishes! I also eventually plan on adding a place-mat and cloth napkin how to. Until next time Happy Crafting!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hand Painted Glassware

Just another way you can personalize your dishes. This is a very time consuming project. It took me about two days...but most of that time was spent waiting for paint to dry.

You will need:

Glassware of your choice (I used two wine glasses)
Acrylic paints (assorted colors)
Small paint brushes (also assorted)
Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer
Tape (I used painters tape but really any will do)
A picture or design to use as a guideline
A cup of water to keep your brushes clean
Old towel/paper towels(something you don't mind getting paint on)

Step One Tape the picture you want to paint to the inside of the glass. Make sure you like the placement of it, this will be your guideline for painting the glass.

Step Two Begin to Paint. Personally I find that it works best if you do one section at a time and then I wait for it to dry before I continue. For example with this glass I painted the branches waited for that to dry then Painted the leaves waited for that to dry then painted the owl heads and wings waited for that to day...etc. Doing it this way takes longer but you will also smudge it less and make less mistakes.

Step Three Once you have finished painting the glass wait for it to dry completely. Once it is dry you can take it outside and seal it with the mod podge sealer. I did three coats and waited 15 mins. between each coat. This ensures that you can wash the glass without the paint wearing off. Wait at least 24 hours before using/washing. Enjoy!

Personally I just adore my new wine glasses, since I love my wine and owls they suit me perfectly!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recycled Magazine Picture Frame

Got some old magazines you are ready to toss out well don't! Turn them into something awesome. This is just one way you can reuse them. This is rather time consuming but well worth it in my opinion! Personally I really like the way this looks when finished! Don't forget to have fun doing it, put on some good music and fold away.

You will need:

1 8X10 Picture frame without an edge (You can find them for only 2$ at Wal-mart.)
1 Magazine should be equivalent.
Mod Podge
small Paint brush

Step One
start out by tearing all the pages out of the magazine...don't go to crazy though keep the pages as whole as you can. If there are rough edges use your scissors to trim them off so you have a straight edge. Get a couple of pieces of tape ready and stick them to the edge of your table that way they are handy when you need them.

Step Two
Take one page and fold it in half long ways. Then unfold it and fold each edge to the middle. Keep folding the edges into the middle until you have a thin strip about 1 centimeter wide. Then you are going to roll it up so that it kinda looks like a fruit roll-up. Make it as tight as you can and don't worry if the paper rips a little that is normal. Take a piece of tape and tape the edge so that it stays in place.

Step Three Place the paper roll on the frame. Repeat step two until you have enough to make a border around the frame. I did two rows around the frame. You can do more or less whatever you prefer. You want to have all you individual paper rolls in place before you start to glue them down. You may have little gaps where there is not quite enough space for another roll. Just space out every piece in the row a little and you will hardly notice.

Step Four Once you like the order and have them all spaced properly you can start to glue them down to the frame. Glue down one at a time. It's best to start at the corner and work your way to the center of each row. Use the paint brush to apply the glue to the bottom side of the paper roll and then press it to the fame. Once you have them all glued into place you can put a stack of heavy books on top for a couple hours while the glue dries.

Step Five
Add a picture and display. I have seen similar frames in gift shops sell for around 30$ and you just made your own for way less.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hanging Jewelry Board

This is really easy to make and you can use your creativity to decorate it any way you like. I cut pictures out of some magazines and used some Mod Podge glue to glue them onto the board.

You will need....

A piece of scrap wood size of your choice but at least 1 inch thick.
Paint (optional) If you want to paint the edges/whole thing.
Hammer and nails
2 metal screw in hooks
Ribbon of your choice.
Anything else you want to use to decorate it.

All you need to do is decorate however you wish. Then screw in the hooks at the top of the board (one at each end) and tie some ribbon with some slack to each one so you can hang it on your wall. Then Hammer in the nails in various places...(as many as you would like) That is it! Now you have an awesome one of a kind jewelry display. Hang your necklaces, bracelets, rings, even earrings. This fashionable board makes it easy to find your favorites and also put them away!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Design your own coffee mugs!

You will Need...

A set of coffee mugs. (ones with a smooth surface work best.)
Spray paint color/colors of your choice. (I used white and key lime)
Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
Acrylic paints of your choice. (I got a set of 30 colors for 10$)
Assorted Paint brushes
A cup of water for your paint brushes (to keep them clean and help fix mistakes)
Paper towels or any old towel you don't mind getting paint on.
Lots of time and patients! (I spent 2 days on this craft.)

Step One
Make sure your cups are clean and dry. Depending on the cups that you have you may want to change the over all color of them. I used ones that I already had which had blue striping around them. So I used white and key lime spray paint to fix that. I wanted alternating colors so I used the white on the first two and the lime on the other two.

Spray painting Tips

*When you are spray painting you want to make sure you do it in a well ventilated area. Outside works best...If its not windy a garage would be a good place too.

*Also make sure you have some kind of tarp or plastic trash bag so you don't get paint everywhere.

*A good trick is to hold the can about a foot away from what you are painting. Move the can from side to side in a fluid motion this way the paint does not go on think in some spots and thin in others. Also this will cause less dripping.

*Don't be impatient! You will have to do more than one coat and wait for it to dry in between. If you want it to look nice try to do thin coats. This will take longer.

*Wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting paint on...just in case!

Step Two Once your cups have been painted and are completely dry lay down your towel/paper towels. get out a cup of water and your acrylic paints/paint brushes. If you plan on mixing colors together to get custom colors you may want to get out a paper plate. Begin to paint! If you don't have much painting experience like me just try something simple like polka dots or straight lines. If you make a mistake you can dip a clean brush in your water and go over it before it drys and the paint will come off easy just dry it with a paper towel and try again.

I used light green and yellow mixed together to create the key lime color of the spray paint I used.

Step Three When you are finished painting all the cups and they are all dry take them back outside....or where you chose to spray paint them and you will need to seal them with you sealer spray....this way when you wash them the paint will not wash off. Follow the directions on the can. You may want to wear a mask....This stuff is really strong! Do a few coats and you are done. You now have an awesome set of coffee mugs!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

T-Shirt/Tank Dress

So I got this Idea from a Threadbanger blog Submitted by Chic Steals. (To Kaleena: This was really easy to make and pretty comfortable.)

You will need:

At least an XL T-shirt feel free to use a bigger size if you want a really lose fit.
A tank top that you like the fit of
A measuring tape
Tailors chalk (I used a marker and some pins because I didn't have any chalk.)
Thread the same color as the T-shirt
Ribbon, buttons, sequins basically anything you want to embellish the dress (I used some scrap fabric and a button to make a bow)
A sewing machine

Step One
Cut off the shoulder seems from the neck to the sleeve seam...Don't cut the sleeves! Turn the T-shirt inside out and cut off the tag. Now you are going to want fold down the raw edges of the shoulders about 1/2 inch and pin on both sides.

Step Two Now its time to sew. Hem the shoulders where you pined all the way around front to back on both sides. Also sew the sleeves of the T-shirt closed...these will become the pockets of the dress.

Step Three Now you are going to want to fold the T-shirt in half and make a mark where the center is on the neck ribbing on the front and the the same with the tank top. From the center of the tank top measure down 4 inches with your measuring tape and make a mark on the front and on the back. Once you have all your marks turn the T-shirt right-side out. Put the tank top inside the T-shirt and line up the marks on the T-shirt ribbing to the marks you made on the tank top 4 inches down. Pin the T-shirt to the tank top on both sides.

Step Four Sew the T-shirt to the tank top. Tuck in the sleeves and you now have pockets. That is pretty much it. Now you can embellish it or make any alterations you want. I took another T-shirt and cut the sleeves off of it and sewed them to the tank top because I wanted sleeves. I also made a cute bow to pin onto it. Have fun with it. This is a perfect dress to hang out around the house in on a hot day or to go run your errands in. It is very comfortable! Enjoy.