Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bird Mobile

This is a really cute mobile I thought it would be perfect to hang over the twins crib. I would consider this a moderate difficulty craft level. I would recommend having sewing experience. Although you can do this craft by hand sewing I ended up using my sewing machine to complete it faster however you do still need to sew some by hand. Knowing how to do a slip-stitch for this craft is important.

Materials Needed

A bird pattern...(you can make your own it should look like this....

1 Yard of desired fabric (I used 2 different fabric patterns 1 for the body and the other for the gusset and the wings)

1 spool for coordination thread and sewing needle
small beads or embroidery floss for the eyes
5 yards of ribbon
6" plastic or metal ring
clear nylon thread or fishing line
sewing machine optional


you will be making seven birds for this mobile so you will need to use the pattern to cut out the pieces that make up the bird.

* Body (cut 2 per bird for a total of 14)
* Wings (cut 4 per bird for a total of 28)
* Gusset (cut 1 per bird for a total of 7)


You will be stitching the body together. With the right sides together, pin the gusset to the body piece, aligning raw edges between marks on body (center the gusset on the belly of the body.) Repeat for the other side of the body so that the body pieces are even with each other. Make placement marks for the eyes and sew on small beads or embroider french knots for the eyes. Cut one 1 1/2 inch piece of ribbon and fold in half for to form a loop. Pin the ribbon to the center of the bird's back, aligning all raw edges pin both body pieces together, right sides facing (gusset will be folded between the body pieces.) Begin hand sewing (or use your sewing machine) at the front end of the gusset, stitch around the body to the other end leaving a 1 inch opening for turning and stuffing. cut notched into curves, being careful not to cut the seams. turn the bird right side out and stuff as firmly as desired, taking care to get stuffing into all corners. Slip-stitch the opening closed.


Make the wings. Pin two wing pieces together, right sides facing, and stitch around, leaving a 1" opening for turning. Trim corners and notch curves (careful on the seams again.) Turn right side out and slip-stitch the opening closed. Repeat until you have all wings sewn. Then you can hand stitch the wings to the birds using a slip-stitch or another invisible stitch centering one on each side. Continue until all seven birds have their wings. Omit the ribbon loop on two of the birds.


Finish the mobile. Wrap the 6" ring with ribbon, sewing or gluing it in place. Sew two birds on opposite sides of the ring using clear nylon thread. Make the hanger for the ring by cutting four 16" pieces of ribbon or nylon thread. Tie one piece every 90 degrees around the ring. Tie all four ribbons together in a knot about 8" or so above the ring. The length of ribbons must be equal so that the mobile will hang level. Thread the nylon thread or fishing line through the ribbon loops on each bird. Tie the birds at varying heights around the ring, spacing them evenly. Now you are done! Hang the mobile where you like and admire your handy work.

The twins just love looking up at always catches their eyes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Your own Cameo pictures.

You will need

1. A picture frame of your choice
2. A picture/pictures of a profile shot
3. Black construction or craft paper
4. White construction paper or craft paper of your choice.
5. Scissors
6. Glue (I prefer scrapbook glue because it does not make the paper wrinkle when it dries.)

First you start with the picture and cut around the outline of the person or animal in this example. Typically a cameo is of a persons profile but I thought it would be cool to do a cameo of each of my can really use a picture of anything as long as the outline will be clear and you will be able to tell what it is. So get creative! Once you have the outline all cut out, glue it to the black construction paper and then cut out the profile again. Turn it over so that you see the black side. With the black side facing up glue to the white construction paper for a classic look or try decorative craft paper like what I used for a more fun modern look. Cut to fit the frame and then simply frame and hang. This is a very simple craft, inexpensive and anyone can do it. The trick is in finding the right picture!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things to invest in!

My first blog with be a simple one I am simply going to make a list of equipment and supplies that any D.I.Y. prodigy should invest in if they do not already own.

1. First and Foremost A sewing Machine! + related accessories such as: (bare with me this will take a while) Assorted walking feet, long tweezers, a small screwdriver and a brush (oil if your machine requires) Sewing machine needles for various fabric weights, extra bobbins, a seam ripper (very handy tool), Tape measure, Fabric shears, pinking shears, trimming scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, clear quilter's ruler (3"x18" is great or 5"x24"), hand-sewing needles (assorted), Tailor's chalk and or fabric marker, carbon paper and tracing wheel, straight pins, safety pins, pincushion and a thimble.

*I know that sewing machines are not cheap but if you are serious about D.I.Y. you will not be able to live without one! Try finding one that has been refurbished! I bought a refurbished Brother sewing machine from for only $99 when it was originally over $300. It works like a new one no complaints! Also it's not a bad idea to buy a cheap one if you don't know how to sew. It's a good idea to make sure it is something you will use a lot before you spend a fortune on a high-tech fancy one.*

2. Paper Scissors
3. Clear tape
4. Clear drying glue
5. Iron and ironing board
6. Hot glue gun with glue sticks
7. Paint brushes (assorted various sizes)
8. Tools (hammer, screwdriver, drill, staple gun, etc.)
9. A surger (this is something I wish to own one day but I list it last because it
is not a necessary item.)

For me this is also a wish list because I do not yet have everything I listed...I tend to buy things as I need them, However if I did own everything listed it would be used frequently...but it is possible to make due without certain items. Sometimes I have borrowed from friends a family also! There is nothing wrong with sharing.