Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hey Crafty ladies, This is just going to be an update. I haven't posted any tutorials lately because I have been mainly focusing on my new Etsy shop. I have been trying to build up an inventory and have been playing around with ideas. So far things are going well with my shop.  I have only made one sell so far but that is better than none. I am not really trying to make a lot of money, just a little extra to help support my crafty hobby is my goal. So you may have noticed that I have yet again changed my banner and I have also changed the name of my Etsy shop. While my blog is still The Crafty Owl, My Etsy shop is now named Adwin Ryvers. (which is the middle names of my twins) I felt that I needed to change the name because the direction my shop is going in. I am not primarily focused on owls, while I love owls and they are rather popular right now, I know that they will eventually go out of style and while I am sure I will keep my owl collection going strong, I also want my shop to be a place for all the creative things I make, not just owls. So I hope you like the new name, and the new banner that I made. I also recently changed up my kitchen and would like to share the pictures with you.

This is where the fridge used to be. I moved it to the back of the kitchen and now it is much more spacious and has a defined dinning area. I made the pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling. I had an old lamp that broke so I took the shade and attached some chain to it and hung it from the ceiling with a lantern light cord. It works well and I love the softer lighting it provides.

I have been saving all the jars I get from the grocery store as well as all my wine corks. You can never have to many, and well if you do you can always recycle them. All I did was gather branches from the yard and I made felt rose buds and hot glued them right to the branches. It is a great center piece and very inexpensive. I think this would be a great and inexpensive wedding decor as well. When I eventually get married I will probably use this Idea.

Finally I hung a few pictures on the wall, These are ones that I made myself from scrapbook paper and I am also selling them in my shop. I love these vintage kitchen Inspired ones. Please visit my shop.  for lots of other scrapbook art, and handmade bags. There is a link on the top right side of this blog.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grand Opening Of My Etsy shop!

The Crafty Owl on Etsy.com Is now open! Go check it out.....The Crafty Owl
Get a 10% discount on your first purchase, Message me for a custom priced listing! Offer Valid until March 16th 2011.

Also I am willing to do custom orders, If you have an idea or want something in a different color please do not hesitate to ask me.

I am loving this bag! I made one for myself and It is so awesome! I will be making some more like this one when I get new fabric.