Monday, June 14, 2010

My first attempt at making a Rug!

So this was a fun project. I used an old curtain that I no longer wanted and now it is a useful kitchen rug! and it didn't cost me a penny to make.

I made the loom myself with wood that was left by the dumpster by my apartment.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Decor

So it has been awhile since I have done a post. It's not because I haven't been crafty...I have been working on quite a few projects actually. I have however been busy and putting off doing posts. I have been slowly working on decorating my apartment since I moved in three months ago. It's a continual on going process but it is starting to come together the way I like...There are still a few things that I want to do and or add to my apartment but nothing too major. Pretty soon I'm going to start making an area rug for the living area, I am excited about doing that. The Reason I wanted to write a blog about decorating is because like most of the people I know I live in an apartment. Decorating an apartment to make it feel like a home can be challenging. I am limited in the fact that I can't make any major changes without having permission. I have had landlords in the past that would not even allow me to paint the walls a different color. Luckily where I live now that is not the case. Not that there is anything wrong with white walls but sometimes color can change the entire feeling of the room. I also wanted to show people that they can make there apartment look nice on a budget. I would say about 70% of all my furniture, decor, and accessories I either made myself, found at a thrift store, or pulled out of a dumpster or off the side of the road and revamped myself. So here are some pictures of my apartment as is looks today...Also some pictures of a few Ideas I have yet to do but will get around too eventually. I hope you enjoy the online tour of my home!

The Kitchen

 I have make all of the curtains throughout my entire apartment...Other than the fact that they are just about the easiest thing to make when you go to the store to buy curtains your options are limited...if you go to the fabric store they are endless. The Pictures frames on the wall I also made.

I also really enjoy to cook and to be honest as much as I hate clutter on my counter I hate not having everything I need right in front of me even more. I have a wine bottle holder that I mounted under the cabinet that I actually use to hold my olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cooking wine. I also have a ton of  spices. I found a really cool idea on Etsy to help organize my spices and get them off the counter too. These awesome magnetic spice jars are rather expensive on Etsy but I'm going to make them myself for way cheaper.

This is Jesse's beer bottle collection which he is very proud of! Eventually I want to get a small kitchen table I have been keeping my eye out for one at yard sales and thrift shops...haven't found a decent cheap one yet.

 Living Area

I found my couch at a thrift store and made a slipcover for it and it is actually a very comfortable couch. Painted the coffee table myself and also made the tray on the table the throw pillows. Found the shelf in the dumpster Which I now love because it makes it so easy to grab a book to read when you are already comfortable on the couch. They circles on the wall are old vinyl records that I covered in scrapbook paper. The curtains in the background keep my messy craft area from being an eyesore!

It is never a bad idea to have extra seating for when you have company over. Again I made the throw pillows and the owl banner hanging on the wall. The end table I got for free. It has picture inserts that are built in and instead of pictures I just used pretty craft paper to fill them. I bought the futon from target but I got a good deal on it.

Most of my accessories I found in thrift stores. This picture frame and bottle/vase were under 2$ and with a little spray paint they look new and also match the room better. I am pretty happy with my living room I think the only thing I wanted to add was an area rug.

The Bedroom
My bedroom is rather large and there is half of the room not pictured that I want to turn into a library/reading nook However right now is is kind of a mess of boxes full of unpacked books which I have no shelves for....and dirty laundry.

The Nursery

I have made so many things for the twins room. The owl pillows, the owl banner on the wall, the birdie mobile(I think I did tutorial on all of those. The bedding was actually made by my grandmother who is just amazing! My grandparents go the crib for me secondhand because they know how much I love to reduce, reuse, recycle! Love them! Oh and thanks again to Ray and Kaleena for the very adorable owl picture that she found on Etsy for the babies! Everything in the nursery was either hand made or secondhand. I think mostly because it is so easy to find and usually in great condition too!

So that is my home. I hope you enjoyed and I would love your feedback or any ideas you have on home decor.  I will leave you with a great home decor site that I ofter visit and get inspiration from so go check it out.
Apartment Therapy