Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Stress Rant

So there are some things I need to get off my chest to relieve some stress and move forward so I can enjoy this coming weekend, which is my bridal shower and bachelorette party. First off I just want to say that I am really excited to get married and have also really enjoyed planning everything myself with a little help from my sweet and awesome friends. Jesse and I have been engaged for over 3 years and the reason we didn't get married right away is because we really wanted to be able to afford a nice celebration that we could enjoy and have all of our friends and family there to support us and be there for the very special occasion that I am sure will only happen once in our lives. Just Once, So in my opinion weddings are a pretty big not like you can make up for missing a wedding or special events involving said wedding by catching it next time.

Text I received from my mother today regarding my bridal shower " Oh baby I can't afford 2 come down. It is all I can do to come 2 your wedding. I love you. I hope it is a good party"

1. My mom has known about the wedding for longer than most of my friends...because she is my mom. She was one of the first people we told when we set the date. But she knew we are having this August months before the official date was set. Just to be clear that is about 8 months worth of notice.

2. My mom has plenty of money to drive all over Maine to go kayaking almost every weekend. As well as taking a vacation a few weeks ago. In which she stayed in a hotel for four nights here in Portland...when she could have stayed with us for free.

Maybe I am over reacting due to the stress of trying to finish school and working out all the final details of the wedding. But I thought my mother of all people would want to be there for me more than anyone else. That she would want to be there for me enough to put a little money aside for her travel expenses...(which by the way is only a 2 hour drive. So we are talking maybe 50$ for gas)
I have not responded to the text yet... I just don't know what to say. I am angry, sad, and truly hurt. I am afraid that if I respond in this state that I will say something I may regret. So I am hoping this little rant will help me to cool off before I talk to her. "It's all I can do 2 come to your wedding" Really! Thanks Mom so glad that you are trying so hard! Really makes me feel special.

Okay end rant...if you read thanks for reading/listening.